Why produce a virtual tour for schools?

Bring your school to life online.

Although restrictions are beginning to ease, it remains uncertain when school visits and open events will be able to resume as normal. But it is still as important as ever that you are able to offer potential parents, students and staff a real insight into what your school has to offer.

Our virtual school tours offer a dynamic immersive experience, allowing your virtual visitors to explore your school in greater detail than what still images can provide. Parents, children and potential employees will be able to explore your learning environment safely and virtually from the comfort of their own home. It’s the next best thing to physically being there!

Virtual Video School Tour

Virtual Video School Tour

Open up your school building and campus with a video walkthrough experience that is more enticing than traditional photography and gives viewers a unique insight into your school environment and facilities.

360° Interactive School Tour

360 Interactive Tour

Give parents and students full control with a fully immersive 360° viewing experience of your school. They can explore all you have to offer at their own pace and it will feel just like being there in person!


Why produce a virtual tour for schools?

For families unable to visit your school

A school virtual tour allows prospective students and their families to immerse themselves within the school environment if they are unable to make the journey from further afield or if they feel uncertain about visiting in person. Whilst a prospectus design can help convey your school’s values and ethos, a virtual tour takes that experience one step further. A video walkthrough or a 360° virtual tour gives families a chance to virtually walk around the school’s campus and visit classrooms, libraries and other key areas of the school that may be of particular interest to them. For families unable to make it to your campus, the additional exposure and heightened experience could be the difference in their final decision when compared with another school that is unable to provide this experience.

In case of a school closure

The year of 2020 provided an unprecedented experience with the impact of COVID-19. For many schools this left them unable to fully showcase their facilities to prospective parents and students. A school virtual tour provides intimate access to the school’s building and perfectly illustrates the school and its surroundings.

Staff recruitment opportunities

As well as benefiting students and families, a virtual tour is a fantastic opportunity to advertise your school to new members of staff. Before applying for a role many people research the school or organisation to which they are applying. A virtual tour provides an enriched experience for prospective candidates to learn more about your school’s brand and get a feel for the facilities and school environment.

Get in touch to find out more

To learn more about our Virtual School Tour services, get in touch with our team today. We are ready to help you provide parents, students and potential staff who are unable to visit your school with the next best thing to seeing it in person; a virtual experience that will bring your school to life.


  • Riva Collins

    November 9, 2019 - 2:07 am

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  • Obila Doe

    November 9, 2019 - 2:08 am

    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor hmiu
    global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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