School Management Systems

School Management Systems. (SMS)

Our School Management systems helps you take your entire school online.

The management system handles 

  • Admissions Management Solution which is designed to help schools optimize their student enrolments and streamline the entire process to
  • Fees Management Solution which allows for quick remittances of student fees using secure payment gateways. The online system impeccably calculates the fees of every student, taking into account all the considerations of scholarships, exam fees, learning material fees and any other student-specific charges.
  • Our Online learning and  Assessment Platform which is a multi-faceted platform that supports various test formats viz. MCqs, subjective assessments, gamification, aptitude test, and skill tests. It is highly modular and configurable and suppons multi-section workflow to suit students of different competencies. The system automates most administrative processes: pre- exam, exam conduction and post-exam processes using a user friendly interface.
  • Our school management systems also handles other things such as staff management (HR) transport, dormitory, library and everything that helps you run a school.
  • Our school management systems are both web based and also comes with an app.
  • Lastly you have the option of  making  work wonders by let students, teachers, and staff use your school’s app even when they don’t have access to the Internet, allowing you to promote content regardless of available Wi-Fi or data networks.
Why you need our SMS Costs
  • Get an Option to choose between three different school management systems depending on you needs and budget.
  • Get excellent support from our team from installation to making sure the school management system is working.
  • Our school management   systems are designed to help your school do more by making daily  management tasks easier to coordinate and from anywhere.
  • Increase enrollments and student rentention by making learning more accessible.
  • Our School Management system comes with an App that can help you keep students safe and engaged by making your school's app work without Internet. YES. WITHOUT THE INTERNET. You have the option of making your work even offline let students, teachers, and staff use your school’s app even when they don’t have access to the Internet, allowing you to promote content regardless of available Wi-Fi or data networks which give you a competitive advantage of working without Internet.
  • Effective Way of Communication. The software is offering an effective communicational channel that helps the institute to contact parents and staff. Administration easily shares notices, news alerts for student and it became easier to circulate information within the circle.
  • Better Way to Store Data . The online school management system software is the best tool to store all important data of the school. An institute has a lot of that need to be managed i.e. student personal information, progress report, teacher’s data, and others. Loss of information can cause a high risk that is difficult to manage. All data is stored in centralized databases and kept secure.
  • Work Quality. Quality of work is another significant advantage of a software solution. All of the features and managed with great effectiveness to improve operations. You’ll be more conveniently manage operations and the productivity automatically improves. Information is inserted with high accuracy, automatic notification sending ensures that all tasks are performed accuracy.
    • Online Grade Book

    Online student grade book is the most significant aspect of the online school system software. This feature has enabled teachers to grade form any feasible location. They don’t need to fill progress cards manually that is a time-consuming process. At the same time, students can access their module and check their grade book without any additional effort.

    • Enhanced Collaboration

    It has efficiently enhanced the collaboration among different departments. All stakeholders need to connect for seamless communication. It smartly reduces workload and improves process efficiency.

    • Automation Encourage Smart Decision

    School management software solution supports in organizing different important tasks and manage a variety of aspects that includes time-table management, staff support, fees, reporting and much more. Administrator finds it easy to analyze, manage and access all of the important data.

  • Cost Effective. The school management system helps in saving cost at large scale including, administration, paperwork, hardware, and another cost. It helps institute owners to minimize additional cost and improve ROI.

    • Easy Accessibility

    Cloud based school management software is web as well as mobile-friendly. The centralized database makes it easier to access everywhere and anytime. It supports all stakeholders including school management, students, teachers and parents to access information easily through their smart devices. Study material, student reporting all can be accessed with a few clicks.

  • Student Tracking. Students need to be monitored by parents, teachers and institute management by itself. Student’s academics and extra-curricular activities need to be tracked to make improvements and school's reputation.

The costs depend on

  • server/hosting
  • Type of School Management system features Some SMS's have a lot of features and hence a little more expensive.
  • Whether you need front-end design or not.
  • whether the school management system comes with an app or not.
  • In case the school management system comes with an app, whether its  integrated with offline learning for students.


  • USA Number : +1-(978) 216-6239
    Kenyan Number: +254-719583574


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