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Only 10% of  Educators ever used technology for teaching before the pandemic phase.With COVID 19 becoming the threshold of education in most parts of the world, many were pushed to move online unprepared.

While the focus remained on choosing platforms and tools, the fact that online teaching is a different pedagogical tool and requires a unique approach was left unattended. To enable the enablers and bridge this gap, we at Schoolguru are trying to do our bit of good by helping as many Schools as possible Administer an Online Learning Management System. We aim at helping educators from all divisions of education learn to operate and manage any standard LMS in the world. We very strongly feel that a right move today will make a huge difference- our educators will rise as flag bearers of quality and advancement, and our institutions will make a seamless switch to the Learning of the future!

It is challenging to decide what learning management system (LMS) suits your school or coaching needs. It can cost lots of time and resources to find the best option that fits with you and that is where we come in.

Ways LMS’s are being used in the education sector include the following:

  • To deliver online courses or supplement in-class instruction as part of a hybrid or “blended learning” course.
  • In an online course marketplace. Independent experts sell their expertise through eLearning content; universities digitize professor lectures to deliver a catalog of free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
  • Any scenario in which content, knowledge or expertise can be digitized and delivered in an engaging and trackable manner.


Why Use an LMS? LMS Features LMS Cost

LMS helps schools, coaches and trainers: 

  • Create a dedicated, virtual learning environment for students.
  • Easily create multi-layer courses.
  • Manage course progress. 

A good LMS can help you accomplish your coaching goals and vital for you to work on your coaching business. 

Most schools/coaches require the following options to convert offline classes into remote teaching experience:

  • A tool to deliver live class
  • Option to upload course material
  • Assign quizzes and assessments
  • Allow students to submit their assignments & projects
  • A forum for conveying feedback 

Following are the LMS features and benefits

  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Users
  • Course Content Protection
  • Drip-Feed Lessons
  • Advanced Quizzing
  • Certificates & Badges
  • Course Forums
  • Basic Email Notifications
  • The option of 3rd Party Integrations (Custom Plans only) 

There is a vast choice of learning management system providers out there, but we give you one the best learning management platform that suits your needs.

Our goal here is to get you started Teaching/coaching online.

Because of this reason, when you signup for our pro website maintenance plan, you save all the following costs: 

  • Setup fees
  • Licence fees
  • Course creation fees
  • Per-user fees
  • Your basic website Hosting, Design and Development


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