Digital Solutions Take your Entire School Online. With our integrated Digital School Management Systems, you can manage, market and sell your school courses from anywhere in the world. View services Social Media Marketing We scale social presence and help increase engagements. We help schools generate more leads and increase enrollment through social media marketing and management services. View services Training We provide Digital Marketing and Management Training to schools. We offer training to internal school staff to help them manage and market their institutions better in the digital world. View services 360° Interactive School Tour Videos Open up your school with a video walk through experience that is more enticing than traditional photography and gives viewers a unique insight into your school environment and facilities increasing the excitement for enrollment. View Services Give parents and students a fully immersive 360° viewing experience of your school that will feel just like being there in person. Digital Visibility We Help Schools Become
More Visible Online.
Millions are searching for the courses you offer. With so much competition online, lets help you connect with them. View services


Most schools share with us the difficulty of not having a consistent flow of enrolments. Not only do you need more enrolments to grow your school, but you need to replace the ones that will leave at the end of the year and if your school is like most, you will have 4-6 key competitors within 15 minutes drive of your school. Stabilising and increasing enrolments is hard enough,even without all of that competition.


Attract more prospective families


Engage the right families

Nurture & Commit

for more enrollment applications

Let us share the weight with you and save yourself time while enjoying the stability of consistent results.
Data always beats opinions, here are some stats.

93% of online buying starts with Online Search

451% increase via marketing Automation

61% of customers want new content


82% of Facebook Traffic links to longer stories

62% less costly with Inbound

64% of people click on Google Ads

inbound marketing


Who are they for?

Startup Schools

…love us because we implement marketing strategies that help them to stand out from the (better known) crowd especially when starting.

Experienced Schools

….love us because we analyse existing data and create scalable marketing strategies that help further their impact on new students.

Industry Leading Schools

…love us because we help to build brand advocates whilst identifying and targeting new global regions to expand into.

Book an appointment or give us a call  for a free growth strategy and together we will identify the one thing you could do to improve your school sales right away!
Here are our 4 steps to marketing your school.

    How can we help?

    Together we identify who you are, who your ideal clients are, why your school exists, what you believe in and why families/parents should care, turning this into a living breathing ethos for your brand
    Direction Arrows
    Step 01
    Your Marketing to Schools Roadmap goes live, generating leads from day one. Your flagship customers are identified and an advocacy program is built out, encouraging active brand promotion.
    Direction Arrows
    Step 03
    Our team of education marketers outline and then create the content and supporting technology for each stage of your schools marketing roadmap. Your mission statement, values and sales copy starts to populate across all outward facing avenues.
    Direction Arrows
    Step 02
    Optimise and Scale
    We analyse datawith the intention to optimise your school Marketing Roadmap, improving conversions at each stage of the journey and With campaign generating leads and sales, together we scale the campaigns adding new entry points.
    Step 04

    Three ways to start using our  expertise to start growing your school.

    We're Your Team

    With our premium strategy services, What’s the Word’s full team of school growth professionals become an extension of youradministrative team. Leverage our expertise and stay in control with regular updates, meetings, and 24/7 access to your own project management portal for complete transparency. Get a  personalized growth plan and service quote

    We're Your Guide

    If you have the staff but need the knowledge, School growth consultation services are a great place to start. Your in-house marketing team will work directly with one of our certified digital marketing consultants to develop, implement, track, and optimize a holistic digital marketing strategy to help grow your school. Schedule your first session now, on us.

    Self Managed

    Your staff  works to create the resources you need to learn, develop, and implement effective digital marketing strategies. Our website is teeming with blog articles, e-books, and videos that teach and guide school leaders and marketing staff how to attract, name, nurture, and enroll more students to grow your school.

    Stop wasting time searching for how to teach courses online.

    School Gurus  provides a simple, reliable, and scalable solutions to teach courses online  for colleges, academies, high schools, primary schools and universities.

    Save time finding the right solution to teach your courses and training online. Avoid all the hassle and let us help you get started online quickly to work on your business. 

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